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I am sorry that this textile blog is no long updated regularly. The truth is that i am no longer as deeply involved in princely fabrics as i once was. I ended up completing my MBA- with a finance concentration again (i did a BS Finance too) and am just starting out working for myself. A decade ago, everyone told me that i should pursue the creative path and setup my own textile workshop. For me, it was never Finance vs Textile. Both paths were similar in that they were extremely creative. Finance- especially the kind that i am interested in- is as much art as science. For those who have never studied it, they do not understand that its not simply about numbers- its not Math- but it takes years and years of practice and learning to be able to understand and add your own spin on understanding business valuations or the stock market. Anyway.. back to Textiles as this is a blog on princely textiles.

Unfortunately, i was unable to attend Rahul Jains exhibition in New Delhi, India a few weeks ago. The exhibition is over now. Both him and a friend- Rajeshwari (a princess from the former princely state of Orchha) sent me these images so i wanted to share them with you here. None of these are for sale nor are they available to order. Rahul designs these pieces for his research purposes and the donors of the workshop collect these pieces as part of their diversified art portfolio. Enjoy the pictures- sorry these are not professionally taken.