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Hi all ! I would like to share some photos of the Indian Silk Brocade sarees (Indian women’s dress) that were exhibited at the National Museum in New Delhi a few months ago. I thought that these were beautifully crafted and interesting to see.The textiles in the pictures are probably all drawloom woven.

In India today, the high quality of textile craftsmanship of the princely quality is dead. I dont care how the shrewd Indian textile businessmen & designers will trying to convince you of their quality but when they are using inferior (compared to the past) materials, time saving techniques and low intellectual skills to manage production of what they would call “princely” textiles, irrespective of what designer label they slap on it, it doesn’t quite cut it. That is why i much rather see modern high quality but given the low skill set & creativity of the textile designers locally and their dependence on low waged laborers to weave, we hardly see high quality creative craftsmanship. Everyone wants to use history for a convenient marketing strategy to make their quick buck!

Also Indian princely textiles were not just limited to Sarees or womens costumes. Nonetheless, enjoy the photos. It was a pleasure to finally see high quality Indian silk brocaded sarees in India!