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Im sorry for not updating my blog regularly! The past few days have been very busy – for one, i am training artisans in dyeing techniques so they can market themselves with more skill sets and secondly, im busy writing essays for business schools (MBA)- For those of you interested in setting up your own luxury brand, you cannot do it without business acumen – so many luxury artisan brands have survived and been successful all thanks to LVMH and Kering (formely PPR) group’s phenomenal marketing strategy. At some point, i hope i have establish my own luxury brand of princely textiles! In the meantime, im going to get some solid marketing experience in consumer goods … hope the MBA programs understand my passion! fingers crossed…ill keep you all updated..

Anyway in December 2015, i visited Tess Fredette (pictured below) at the Isabella Gardner Museum in Boston. Shes another lovely person – extremely helpful ! What a pleasure it was to meet her! She spent close to 2 hours to talk to us about textiles in their collection, restoration efforts & gave us a wonderful tour! Here are pictures of some textiles that i saw at the Conservation lab. My favorite was the polychrome Iranian velvet (it has a metal ground) -what a masterpiece it was!!. I did not examine it because im not too good at examining velvet’s, just yet! I have spent more time examining/reproducing the weft faced compound tabby/twills and other complex structures.




The other velvet you see was an ikat velvet from around the present day Turkmenistan area … its probably 100 years old but in pristine condition!


And here’s one of the  Ottoman one


And the gorgeous courtyard!