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I was so excited to meet Lauren after 5 years (last met her in 2010) at the MFA, Boston. Lauren Whitley is the Senior curator of textiles at the MFA and the nicest person to meet! She is solely responsible for introducing me to the study of textiles, which I knew very little about when I first met her many years ago! At that time, I could only appreciate the visual beauty of these artful pieces but did not have the ability to differentiate one from another. Lauren was so humble and despite me knowing nothing ( I was a clueless 24 years old with a passion), spent hours with me over several appointments showing me textiles from different parts of the world. Who does this these days? Sometimes museums can be bureaucratic and getting appointments to get this kind of access can be very hard, even for scholars. If Lauren had not given me this kind of access, I could not have furthered my weaving studies in as systematic a way as I did ! Thank you Lauren and the MFA for all your generosity and time. People like you make a difference to our lives!!

These are just some images of the hundreds of textiles that I saw with Lauren. Most are woven in classic techniques, you’ll see some tapestry in there and painted fabric too.