I have been quite busy since the past few months – Besides working on textile projects, i m thinking of business school but personal reasons dont allow it right now !!! Since the past few years, I have studied structure and gone various places to look at centuries old imperial textiles. And finally i feel somewhat confident of working on a drawloom to weave the structures that i am fascinated with. I have pondered over whether to work on the French draw loom or the Indian draw loom and i feel that the Indo- Iranian draw loom would be best just because it can be setup without heavy bulky wood and is much more flexible to use than the French draw loom is. The most sophisticated structures ever woven in the world were woven in Iran at the height of various Imperial rules on this setup so its not in any way less worthy than any other draw loom!

The structures that i first plan to execute are brocading (with its variations) & other structures that require an additional warp system – lampas and variations & weft faced compound tabby/twill with variations. Im not doing Velvet at this stage- perhaps once this is done, i will think of setting up a Velvet loom.

I would like to invite textile artists from around the world who are curious and want to weave such structures on the draw loom that we setup. The nature of weaving is slow when you weave detailed patterns with very fine quality yarns so you will have to factor that in to your decision of pursuing this opportunity.

I will not accept anyone without prior weaving knowledge or loom setup. This is a very serious project as im VERY passionate about textiles and want an intellectually curious person to also be able to challenge me. The workshop will be in New Delhi and i can help you with finding the right accommodation but i cannot host anyone at this stage, unfortunately!